Monday, October 22, 2012

Earlier Sunsets

It gets more and more difficult to run 5 days a week as sunset creeps earlier and earlier. I used to run at 7pm each day. Right now, it is completely dark at 6:30, and most of my runs take at least 30 minutes. I work during the day, partially on my fashion business and partially as a private tutor of math and science. While my schedule is somewhat flexible, I do have specific appointments, and I often run into timing issues with my runs. I tried switching to morning, but that didn't work either. So...I run when I can! I get at least 3 days each week, usually 4, and sometimes all 5.

I was worried about my pace because I'm dealing with the arch pain issue and haven't been able to keep up my speed work. I timed a 4.25 yesterday and averaged 8:39/mile. This is not my fastest ever, but I was so relieved to find that I'm still in the faster zone I worked so hard to reach.

This weekend there is a 5K run at my boyfriend's college campus. It's costumed! (Yay!) I think we're going to enter. I know I'm not competitive yet, but it might be helpful to start timing myself in an actual race situation.

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