Thursday, October 11, 2012


Woohoo, getting faster! The fartleks are working!
And because I suck at updating, here is some kind of old speed update:

9/21 - I ran 4.25 miles in 36:03, average pace 8:28/mile.
9/22 - I tried out my new shoes and ended up at 4.25 miles in 35:32, average pace 8:21/mile.

9/25 - Monday - I went back to my old shoes. I only had time for two miles, so I tempo'd the first mile in 7:22, then ran back at a "comfortable" pace, which turned out to be 8:48.
I want my pace for a whole 5K to be 7:22. I'll get there!

This week I timed my first 5K on the trail. I finished in 25:18! Woo-hoo! That's an average pace of 8:09/mile. I am chasing a sub-25 for my race in November.

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